A great opportunity to reflect and work upon my own personal triggers, whilst learning the foundations of mindfulness to begin my journey is guiding others in finding a sense of presence in their lives.

Baugh, Georgina

A great 8 week course full of helpful exercises and learning to facilitate beginning a mindfulness journey. I feel a stronger awareness of my mind, body and actions in life and I’m excited to continue to nurture myself with kindness and curiosity.

Wolff-Whitehouse, Alice

A really enjoyable and informative online course. This has helped me tremendously in dis-engaging from the auto-pilot so many of us experience on a day-to-day basis, and I have truly discovered vibrancy in the here-and-now.

Tipper, Craig James

A very useful course that encourages you to reflect and sit still. There is a peace than can be found from stopping and listening, feeling and breathing. This course helps make it an easier and more of an understandable journey.

Burlong, Simon

A well structured course, thoughtfully put together drawing from both scientific research and ancient belief systems. The LMS was very useful.

Mulcahy, Nora

Amazing course! I love the fact that it includes lots of experiential content to allow you to practice the techniques you’re learning about. Highly recommended.

Hill, Suzy

An easy to follow and incorporate course. Enjoyable and thought provoking with plenty of benefit to be gained from reflection in the days afterwards.

Grant, Antonia

An excellent course that encouraged you take the time just to think, to breath, to be aware. Integrating the short breathing exercises and being mindful of your surroundings is easily doable and something I really do find beneficial to my health and wellbeing.

Smyth, Sue

Any deepening of mindfulness practice is good and i have certainly found that here. The recording are excellent, the course was so informative and u will continue to use what ive learnt here and i use alot of the practices with my clients.
Thank you and bless you

Richards, Pip

At the start of this year, I was getting myself bogged down in stress and anxiety; while working through the programme, I found the time and space to relax and then be able to get back to a proper sleep routine.

Morrison, Neil

Being able to easily download the audio files and meditations on to my phone has really helped me to absorb the information, and find space and time to bring practice into my week.

Hunt, Sylvia

Brilliant, helpful, a lot to learn and think about. A huge relief once you understand the science behind why some people are more prone to stress, anxiety, depression, and how it can spiral out control. This course brings you the tools to bring you back from these dark feelings.

Dhanoa, Aman

Comprehensive and accessible MBSR training, offering many different and complementary ways to facilitate individuals’ engagement in mindfulness and meditation practices, using videos, audio files and text. Although challenging at times, I had a lovely 8-weeks learning and practicing the mindfulness based stress reduction program, and I look forward to continuing embedding mindfulness into my daily life and sharing this knowledge with my clients.

Heurtematte, Margot

Definitely a great addition to what I previously knew about Mindfulness. It added more depth and understanding. Love the minute mindfulness practices!!

Lawrence, Sue

Easy course to follow and helpful and useful tips on incorporating mindfulness into your daily practice. Thank you.

Morinello, Linda

Easy to follow course, thank you. Good overview of mindfulness and facilitates understanding of why it works.

Tjurina, Inna

Extremely informative and well presented course – really gave me the tools to carry out mindfulness in at least 1 task everyday. Highly rate the voice recordings and so motivating!

Doherty, Angela

Great course and full of content that is easy to follow and ready to be implemented directly into practice in your life.

Edwards, Ian

Great course with thorough introduction to mindfulness, definitely provides a great base to work from and also furthers knowledge for people who are familiar with meditation!

Jacob Fitzpatrick, Harry

Great course, explaining the neuroscience behind meditation and mindfulness was really interesting and useful.

Hayes-Bromley, Danielle

Having tools that can help you manage your anxiety, stress, anger, etc., it’s a life changing experience.

Flores, Lilian

I thought the course was beautifully concise, and got straight to the points being made.
I would have liked to have seen more citations/references to research around mindfulness in recent years. I first began mindfulness practice some years ago, and I understand many more interesting studies have been completed since then – it would have been great to hear about them.
I preferred to read the course content from print-outs of the web material – however this was in very small print size – it would have been helpful if the text was in a larger size (my eyes aren’t what they were!).
The course was beneficial to me; it was a useful recap and expansion upon what I have previously studied.
Thank you.

Blades, Ian

Hi, I am a wife and mother of two beautiful kids. I strongly believe in balancing professional and personal life. However, my love for the family sometimes forces me to question if I am doing right? Am I successful in managing both the worlds., Am I giving an ample amount of time and energy to my kids.? Also, I was not happy with the way I was dealing with my own emotional issues.
This course came to me at the right time and helped me answer some of the basic questions I had for a long time1)what is self-mastery, 2)How to analyze our thoughts and emotions.? Are they even true.? with proper research and knowledge about body and mind, I understood the missing-link. I tried to inculcate small changes in my daily life which bought a huge change in my perspective. I am now able to control my emotions much better than before. With deep gratitude, Thank You.

Achanta, Ambika

I am more than satisfied with the course. it has helped me to get a bigger picture of the practice and understand what is meditation about. Now, I have more tools to observe my mind and make better decisions. Many thanks!!!

Baluarte, Janis

I am well aware that mindfulness is scientifically proven to help our wellbeing.Doing this eight week course has made me experience this.I have been able to embed it in my daily routine.It is fascinating how my ability to deal with stressful events has shifted.I become aware and am able to take a step back, unravel my emotion and remain calm, rather than becoming reactive immediately.I can see if I was looking for approval, or maybe expecting too much , or being harsh on myself.
I am aiming to become a trainer now.
Thank you SO much.

Tripathi, Anni

I appreciated the self-directed learning approach that allowed me to go through the modules at my own pace. I enjoyed learning more about the neuroscience and research that both support the positive impact of mindfulness on our mental health. The exercises were not complicated and easy to follow. Thank you for this experience.

Doucet, Lorraine

I appreciated this self-study in my own pace course. I already use a lot of what I have learned for my clients but certainly also for myself.

Andersen, Anne-Christine

I could know what stress reduction is. Because I thought my feeling was equal my mind and I got stress from that. I was leaning and practice almost everyday. Whats happens in my mind. I could try to make mindset and focus to breath when I had really feeling down. Finally Im not too much thinking about everything.

Kato, Asami

I enjoyed the settings of the course—— not rushing to an end but deviding it into 8 weeks and learning the materials at anytime and anywhere. The lectures provided everyweek were closely related so that I could integrate the skills or techniques practiced over the previous weeks to the “present” week lecture. The effect of mindfulness was not come all a sudden but come gradually instead. Therefore, it would be comfortable to set a 8-week course like this one.

Lao, U Chong

I found the 8 week MBSRP course increadably benifical to my general wellbeing. The meditations were very accessible and I was able to work them into my day. The tension I carry in my body has decreased and I have become more aware when it begins to build again, allowing me to interviene, as the course has taught me ways in which to manage this. I found the information provided increadably helpful. Both in an educating sense and for allowing me to be kinder to myself, as I have come to understand that a lot of what I experience is hard wired into the human condition. All in all I am very pleased I engaged in the course, I will definatley continue to practice the Mindfulness techniques and meditations from the course and I have already reccomended it to friends.

Andrews, Laura

I found the course extremely helpful in creating a solid and consistent mindfulness practice. Although the concept were not new to me, the course was organised in a way that made sense and helped me expand my knowledge of mindfulness and incorporate it into a daily practice.

Gattari, Benedetta

I found the course gave a scientific, in depth review of various mindfulness practises that can be incorporated in to your every day life. Definitely recommend.

Wardingley, Sam

I found the course helped me to dedicate time and space to more formal mindfulness practice and deepened my knowledge and understanding of the underpinning theory.

Grimmer, Paul

I found the course very helpful and informative. I found the MP4 links and excellent addition as it suits my style of learning. The balance between theory and practice was just right for me because the practice is possibly most important but facilitated and supported by the scientific background and real-life experiences

murphy, meldan

I found the course very helpful and insightful. I have learned how mindfulness can help in my daily life and help me reduce stress. Since following the course and the practices taught i have definitely felt less stressed.

Jones, Brian

I found the course was helpful in providing me with the ability to incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine. Thank you.

Beaton, Margaret Lorrie

I found this course very interesting and easy to learn. It really helped me gain an understanding of my own stresses and I was able to use the materials to help others

Cannings, Annabell

I found this introduction a big help. The MP4 support files were great as they help bring to life the text which is a perfect back up to go back and refer to.

Caine, Andy

I had been meditating since 2015 but had not formal guidance, This course has helped fill the gaps, especially around the beliefs I held and reviewing the daily activities I did and considered which ones nourished me and which ones depleted me. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the course

Martin, Sue

I have always struggled with Mindfulness and always thought that i could not practice it. Before engaging with this course i had such anxiety as to whether i would be able to engage with it properly, over the weeks i have become more aware of using what i have learnt on a daily basis and it has made such a difference to everyday anxieties and stresses.

Copestake, Lysanne

I have become aware of some of my belief systems through being mindful of my thoughts and therefore identifying those same belief systems. How do I go about permanently changing limiting belief systems. Thanks for a great course

Youngleson, Merrik

I have been an advocate for meditation/mindfulness and taking this course really highlighted the benefits of practice. I love how the material was delivered which fully integrated practice into all of life. Very happy with this course!

Buote, Robyn

I have been an advocate of mindfulness for stress reduction for some time but this course shows a mindful life can be so much more. The course is a great mix, informative and practical. I thought at the begining of the course i was fairly intouch with the mind body connection but after completing it i find i can see and feel how different words/thoughts are making me feel before they result in me acting in a way that is not helpful to me. I feel im a work in progress but this has speeded up the progress in an amazing way.

parrish, slee

I have been doing some work on mindfulness for the last 3-4 years in my life, so I have found this course extremely useful to conect some pieces. I have been recomending to all of my friends. In my opinion this course should be part of everyone life. Has helped me to achieved a sense of self.

zurzica, ines

I have been practicing mindfulness on and off for a while. This course was a great way to commit and consolidate my practice.

Macdonald, Peter

I have engaged in mindfulness before but often found it difficult to make it into a habit. This course really helped and motivated me to practice daily by breaking the different mindfulness techniques down into manageable weekly chunks.

Berry, Ashley

I have enjoyed a lot in this course with informal and formal activities that were recommended to be done every week. I liked the researches information and the different stories about things from daily life and situations. Thank you it was very beneficial for me.

Ashkenazi, Oren

I have enjoyed the course so much, I worked through it over 8 weeks but it took me a bit longer to fill out the comments online. The gratitude practice has particularly benefited me. I feel more present and connected in my life

Gray, Rebecca

I have found that mindfulness has helped me to reduce my stress levels. I am now practicing everyday. Mindfulness is a journey which takes practice

Jeffery, Amanda

I highly recommend this course for understanding and practicing mindfulness for stress management. The course structure allows you to read material and practice meditations and informal mindfulness at your own pace. I have personally benefited from the learning and have also found it to be beneficial for my work as a therapist.

Walton, Anna

I love this course. During this 8 weeks I feel myself more confident and relax.

Krutko, Iuliia

I really enjoyed being able to both listen and read the course, the calming voice of the narrator helped set the scene for a mindful week ahead.

Doyle, Lucinda

I really enjoyed exploring the topic of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I am fascinated by neuroscience and really enjoyed exploring the different methods of meditation, and how it creates new patterns of thinking. I also found the gratitude journal to be incredibly beneficial and something I will continue daily. Both are such incredibly valuable tools in managing stress, developing an awareness of your thoughts and how they effect your body, and also how a mindset of gratitude improves the many aspects of our lives.

Bath, Charlene

I really enjoyed learning about and trying the different meditation practices. It has given me new ideas to try and discuss with clients. I have found that some practices were not for me, and others were great for specific situations. It is great for learning, developing, experimenting and exploring. I would recommend this course 🙂

Liddiard, Sophie

I really enjoyed the course and I highly recommend it.

Robinson, Cecilia

I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot of new exciting things. It was a huge step for me to understand the basics of the mindfulness as I would really like to progress further with other courses as well(which I will do shortly).

Iacob, Denisa

I really enjoyed the opportunity to study Mindfulness further in this course – having used it in a workplace setting, facilitating a group for others. Generally I am a very level headed and calm person but Mindfulness had allowed me to accept when things are not in my control and to actually be ok with that – thank you

Pangbourne, Caroline

I really enjoyed this course and am so looking forward to continuing my mindfulness journey

Kelly, Margaret

I really enjoyed this course and specifically the mp4 meditations. It was nice to have unlimited access to them to come back to and practice. I also really enjoyed how this course incorporated a lot of neuroscience into the material.

Wiemer, Kelsey

I really enjoyed this course as it is drafted in a very simple language, great flow and amazing exercises to practice. It has helped me to understand myself, my thoughts and being more mindful of various aspects of my life. Thanks for the great learning experience.

Bali, Novleen

I really enjoyed this course; I found the theory and evidence base fascinating and enjoyed the meditations and experienced great benefits from them.
I enjoyed it so much that I have now enrolled to complete a teacher training course so that I can ensure more and more people get to experience mindfulness and all of its benefits.

Thompson, Zoe